RSA Family
Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

High Performance Swept Spectrum Analyzer

  • 3GHz to 6.5GHz Models with available TG
  • 1ms Full Span Sweep
  • 1Hz RBW
  • Low Noise Floor as low as -165dBm

Superior Realtime Performance

  • up to 40MHz Real-time Bandwidth
  • 7.45 µsec 100% POI
  • 7 Visualization Modes
  • Advanced Triggering


Flexible User Interface

  • 10.1" Capacitive Touch Screen Display
  • USB Keyboard/Mouse
  • Knob and Softkey Controls
  • HDMI Out
  • USB/LAN support

Frequency Mask Trigger

Available in all 7 Real-time display modes, The RSA Family frequency mask trigger allows users to quickly capture and display only signals of interest when the signal crosses inside or outside of the masked region.

Probability of Intercept

The RIGOL RSA Family takes 146,484 FFTs per second providing a minimum 100% Probability of Intercept (POI) of 7.45 µs. This class leading performance allows users to confidently capture pulsing, hopping and fast transient signals as short as 7.45 µs and display accurate power 100% of the time.