New Rack Mount Oscilloscope from RIGOL Designed for High Throughput and High Channel Count System Applications.



Beaverton, OR – March 23, 2021 - RIGOL Technologies announces an expansion of its UltraVision II technology platform with the introduction of the DS8000-R Rack-Mount Digital Oscilloscope. This new oscilloscope provides up to 2 GHz Bandwidth and the same jitter and real-time eye analysis, power analysis, and serial decode as RIGOL’s proven MSO8000 Series oscilloscope. The space saving DS8000-R oscilloscope is designed for instrument synchronization for small to large system configurations.

Featuring a typical trigger jitter between instruments of less than 350 psRMS and accessories to synchronize triggering and minimize timing offset among channels, the new DS8000-R oscilloscope is built for demanding system and automation applications. The scope’s ultra-thin, compact design (1U high by ½ rack wide) allows two DS8000-R oscilloscopes to be mounted in a standard 1U rack height. With a total of eight 2 GHz channels in 1U of rack space, the DS8000-R provides unmatched density for high-speed signal acquisition. The scope can be controlled locally via HDMI monitor, mouse and keyboard, and remotely via local web control, free UltraScope PC software, or via custom programming over LAN or USB.

Chris Armstrong, Director of RIGOL North America stated “We are very excited to bring our UltraVision II Technology and the reliability of our custom ASIC designs to system applications that will take advantage of our sampling, memory, synchronization, and analysis capabilities. The scope’s sampling clock and trigger synchronization enable RIGOL to provide powerful solutions for multi-channel, high speed signal acquisition applications, such as collecting transient events in high energy physics and automated industrial system testing.”

DS8000-R digital oscilloscopes feature 4 analog channels in 350MHz, 1 GHz and 2GHz bandwidths with an excellent real-time sample rate up to 10GSa/s, standard deep memory up to 500Mpts and a high waveform capture rate of 600,000wfm/s. Integrating 6 instruments into 1 the DS8000-R includes a digital oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator (optional), digital voltmeter, 6 digit counter and totalizer, and a protocol analyzer (optional). The DS8000-R can be used for signal monitoring in extreme environmental conditions with its ability to withstand operating temperatures to -40.

"The feature set of this powerful, rack mounted oscilloscope opens an entirely new set of applications for RIGOL and our performance/value proposition,” continued Chris Armstrong. “With its low starting price of only $3,499 the DS8000-R will enable customers to construct large scale signal acquisition systems with high performance oscilloscope hardware that was previously impractical from an instrumentation cost perspective.”

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