IoT Internet of Things

Whether working to optimize power consumption, deploy sensor arrays, debug serial communications, or efficiently integrate wireless technologies RIGOL Technologies has a solution to speed your IoT development. Our portfolio of time and frequency domain test solutions provide you with the advanced analysis capabilities you require at transformational price points. With complete IoT test solutions at a fraction of the cost we deliver unprecedented customer value to those enabling the Internet of Things.

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IoT Solutions

EMI Pre-Compliance Solutions

One of the best methods to lower the additional costs associated with EMC compliance is to perform EMC testing throughout the design process well before sending the product off for full compliance testing. This pre-compliance testing can be cost effective and can be tailored to closely match the conditions used for compliance testing. Pre-compliance testing can range from basic signal visualization with a spectrum analyzer to validation testing against limits or standards and even to interactive debugging.

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EMI Pre-Compliance Testing

Basics of Oscilloscopes

The modern oscilloscope is an invaluable tool used by researchers, engineers, technicians, students and hobbyists to Design, Debug, Deploy and Repair today's electronic designs. At its simplest level the Oscilloscope allows users to visualize the behavior of a signal by displaying its voltage over a time period. But the setup, use, and interpretation of collected data can be overwhelming to many and the wealth of new capabilities enabled by digital oscilloscopes are often unknown. Learn about • Oscilloscope Definitions and Concepts • Triggering • Signal Integrity • Advanced Analysis • Connectivity and Data Management.

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Basics of Scopes Library

Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

Discover the Power of Real-Time Spectrum Analysis. Capture - transient and short duration signals confidently. Identify - errors in power, frequency, and time. Isolate - signals of interest. Analyze - RF signals and the devices that control them. Learn how to use RIGOL’s new RSA Series of Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers to tackle Spectrum Monitoring, RF Device Characterization, and EMI Compliance and debug.

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Real-Time Spectrum Analysis Solutions

Multi-Domain Debugging and Analysis

Engineers integrating RF technologies into their embedded systems need to understand how their system under test interacts with the RF environment. Tools are required that allow the user to time correlate RF events with embedded signals on your device to debug operational or performance issues. The RIGOL RSA Family of Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers enables this time correlated debug capability via an IF output of the Real-Time Bandwidth. The signal is converted to a 430 MHz carrier, which can be routed to an oscilloscope, allowing for easy visualization and time correlation with embedded signals on the hardware platform. RIGOL's new 7000 Series with its high sample rate and enhanced FFT capabilities make it the perfect companion to the RSA3000 or RSA5000 to solve challenging Multi-Domain issues.

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Dubugging across Domains


RIGOL Classroom Solutions Resource Center provides educators with tools and class content to help students understand understand the basics of Test and Measurement Theory. The Resource Center provides video based content on how to use your instrument allowing students to solve problems on their own and allowing teachers to spend more time teaching theory and less time instructing on how to use the equipment. In addition, we provide tools that let you share work, monitor progress and operate remotely. RIGOL is committed to providing educators with high quality, modern, performance test solutions at unprecedented prices.

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Education Solutions

Complex Signal Analysis and Vector Signal Analysis (VSA)

RIGOL's VSA Application extends the capabilities of the RSA5000 Spectrum Analyzer to include Complex Signal Analysis and Demodulation. The ability to analyze quadrature encoded signals makes it possible to characterize RF modulations including QAM and QPSK as well as ASK and FSK signals. Engineers can also validate signals vs preset standards for signals including GSM, W-CDMA, Bluetooth, 802.11b, Zigbee, and APCO 25. View constellation diagrams, spectrum, time, errors, and symbols to speed debug of these complex signals.

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Complex Demodulation
IoT Design Challenges Seminar
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Topics Include:
  • Debugging Serial Communication
  • RF Sensor Integration and Demodulation
  • Characterizing Power Requirements
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