Compare the RIGOL MSO8000 Series with the competition

With class leading performance specifications, feature rich advanced analysis features including Jitter and Eye test, the MSO8000 provides capabilities beyond the competition.

We encourage you to compare the 8000 Series with Tektronix and Keysight.


Uncompromised Performance...

          Unprecedented Value


Data Sources:  Tektronix 4 Series MSO Datasheet (48W-61558-2) dated 29 Jul 2019, Tektronix 5 Series MSO Datasheet (48W-60850-13) dated 29 Jul 2019, and  Keysight 4000A X Series Data Sheet (5991-1103EN) dated August 7, 2018

Advanced Embedded Analysis

Utilize the advanced capabilities of the MSO8000 in signal quality applications unique in this class of oscilloscope. RIGOL's UltraVision II technology leverages 10 GSa/sec and 500 million points of memory for complete signal analysis.

Real-Time Eye Analysis

Complete signal quality analysis for serial data transmissions. Eye Diagram Analysis makes it easy to debug subtle timing, noise, and risetime issues on serial data signals.

Real-Time Eye and Jitter are two of the advanced analysis capabilities not found on many competitive instruments.


Careful analysis of clock timing is critical to serial data link throughput and reliability. See how the MSO8000 makes jitter analysis easy.

Risetime & Bandwidth

The MSO8000 extends the UltraVision II platform up to 2 GHz. Any MSO8000 can be upgraded to the full 2 GHz. Both risetime and bandwidth go beyond the competition.

Learn why the MSO8000 is the most powerful Oscilloscope in its class

Uncompromised Performance...Unprecedented Value

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